Four Simple Hacks To Start The Year With A Fresh & Clean Wardrobe

As the clock ticks its way to midnight, announcing the birth of a new year, a sound of hope echoed through the globe, longing for new resolutions and better things to come.

With the start of the new year, many people make personal promises to live healthier lives and bring harmony to their homes. This year is no exception. 2020 has been a chaotic year, the least to say, as everyone scrambled to find a new balance, a new normal. Here at my home, we're committed to bringing balance and harmony by organizing space and storage. 

Make organizing the cabinets and closets inspiring and not daunting and difficult. It's one of the most challenging things to do at first because we feel sad and unsure about getting rid of anything. We question if we need to wear this gown in future evens or if this skirt will fit again. 

Nevertheless, over time, clearing our wardrobe closet becomes one of the favourite spaces to conquer for a few reasons. First, finding pieces that we completely forgot about is always a pleasant surprise. I'm sure you know, you understand the feeling and what goes through your mind at that moment. "Oh, I forgot about this cute skirt." And this year, there will be a lot more of those "aha" moments, mainly as we didn't get to enjoy wearing most of out favourite apparel in 2020. The second good thing about clearing a closet is making space for new stuff. After tossing away old pieces that don't fit well, I know my wardrobe is glad to welcome new and fresh styles. Last, clearing the closet is a satisfying job, a "zen" that offers a sense of lightness and freedom.

With those thoughts in mind, let's tackle the closet! These are a few of my most helpful tips for clearing out your wardrobe swiftly and without regret.


Useful tips to help you make the best out of clearing your closet

Up cycle outdated garments

Do you hang onto some garments that are out of style? I do. Some clothes have sentimental attachments because they remind us of old memories. The same applies to a designer, heirlooms, and bespoke pieces. It's hard to give them away or toss them in recycling. You can consider upcycling, a becoming trend allowing you to reuse and re-create a new and higher quality piece. For example, you can take the item to your seamstress or work with a local designer to remodel and update the style. 

Use storage containers

To create an organized and spacious closet, use storage containers to tuck away season clothes such as hats, scarves, beachwear, and even oversized sweaters, coats, and boots. You'll be surprised how much space you can utilize with storage solutions. Ikea and Amazon have a versatile selection of storage boxes and containers that fit in any area.  


Donate old apparels and shoes

Many children and families struggle to find affordable clothes, specifically in third-world countries. Instead of hoarding clothes that don't fit or lost shape, donate them to charitable organizations. In Canada, we often receive donation requests from community groups supporting new refugees. Not only does an act of charity make us feel good, but it also helps unclutter our emotions and space. 


Sell them

Lastly, post some items to sell on Facebook Buy and Sell groups. These groups are useful for selling old pieces of furniture, decor, old toys, or getting rid of something quickly.