Journey Towards A Dream



Going through life as women, we go through many changes. We often wonder: will we ever reach our goals? Are we doing the best we can as mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, and granddaughters? Our stories are different but the same, and only when our paths cross do we realize: "I am not alone." A comforting feeling that warms our souls, "we are not alone!"

I have spent my life being grateful as a woman. Things I can accomplish, things we can accomplish as women, are greater than we can ever imagine. All it takes is imagination and action. It's a beautiful thing when our dreams are born into this world right before our eyes.

I have never met a woman that has not touched my life, and helped me see the world for the better. I have never met a woman that is not strong, even at her lowest point in life, when she tries to hang on and be the best she can be, not giving up. She's the strongest woman in the world and at her highest she shines like a goddess.  

As women, we should never doubt ourselves. Let yourself be the best you can be; look in the mirror, look at yourself, BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY!!!



I am the happiest when I am in the company of great women with amazing energy. They know who they are, they know what they want. Even when they doubt themselves at their darkest hour, they never put others down; only encourage other women to be better than they are. These women make this world a better place and my oh my do they ever know, they are BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY.



We all have different paths, and mine was a long one.  It took me 27 years of waiting and planting seeds, not even knowing that I am planting them, to get to the first step of my staircase. Yes, it's the STAIRCASE OF MY FUTURE! Going back to school was finding my staircase, and opening my first boutique was stepping on the first step of this beautiful staircase of mine. But what I am excited about, is to have my family beside me taking the steps with me.

It was a year of searching for retail space for my first boutique, and many times looking at the same space twice. But I always knew that I would find the right one. Before finding my current location, I found a small space that I was getting ready to open on July 31, my birthday. While preparing, I received a phone call from the landlord letting me that he had changed his mind, and he wasn't going to rent out the space.  After ending the phone call the first thing I said was, " Thank you God!" I didn't feel disappointed at all. 

On my BIRTHDAY, at 2 am I was waken up by an email.  When I opened the email, I was excited to see that a retail space was available for rent at Pearson Lanes in Whitby. With excitement I waited for a decent morning hour to send my Real Estate Agent a text, to make an appointment that day for a viewing.

As I waited in front of the retail space for my Real Estate Agent to arrive, I was admiring the location and was reminded that 4 years ago I interviewed the owner of the shoe store next door, for a school project. I loved the location so much that as I left her store, with excitement I said to myself, "When I graduate I want to open my own boutique here." And here I am 4 years later waiting to look at the space next to her. As I stood there, a beautiful GOLD AND BLACK BUTTERFLY flew by me. I was shocked to see a butterfly since I had not seen one in many years. At once this feeling came over me, and I said to myself, " This is the place!" AND I WAS RIGHT! I can't explain why I didn't get to open my first boutique on my birthday, like I wanted to. But I received a  PRESENT that day in an email, MY FIRST BOUTIQUE. It's interesting how sometimes things happen, and I can't explain how or why, but that's life. One thing I feel, and I find myself saying a lot lately, "Step by step you will get to your purpose!" 

From this collection like any other past or future collection of mine, what I want when a woman wears my clothes, is for her to feel BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY. Beautiful in every way, it says it all! That is my inspiration and goal, the colours are soft and make you feel BEAUTIFUL. The clothes change you when put on, make you look sophisticated, sharp, and feminine at the same time. Ready to take the day, ready to make a difference! 

As a woman, I know the feeling of a compliment from another woman, and I know from own experience you will be hearing, "You look beautiful today!"