Once upon a time...



As I took my morning walk around my neighbourhood, I started to remember when my kids were little, their childhood friends and their parents, some are still here and some have ended their marriages and moved away. As I remembered, I felt the same emotions and the joy they brought me. Scheduling play dates, helping out at school, the joy of keeping my home organized and comfortable... 

When I got home and had my morning coffee, I started thinking of all the conversations I had with the women that came to my boutique and talked about their children's youth and now all grown up, some with children of their own. I always admired their beauty for life, it showed in the way they carried them selves and the sound of their voices, their presence brought me joy.

I myself am in a different stage now, missing my children’s youth, maybe even my own. Proud of my children's beauty inside and out, and excited for their future.

As my forties are starting their count, I think about my time here, and even though no one except God knows how long that may be, we can’t deny the countdown. Do good, love one another, help each other, laugh and love. Times are changing, always. They bring us joy and pain, turn to God always, and know, only he knows what will be.






Once upon a time...                            In a land far far away


Lived a beautiful princes                        With her beautiful sister


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