Three Style Tips That Inspire You To Get Dressed This Fall

Three Style Tips That Inspire You To Get Dressed This Fall

The secret to looking chic at home is merely making the right fabric choice, knowing how to mix-and-match, and picking the right accessories.

Relaxed fabric

The first thing to consider for a comfy yet elegant look is relaxed fabrics that allow you to move freely and regulate body temperature. More importantly, comfortable fabrics are usually wash-and-wear and are easy to maintain. LIDIJA Weekend Collection is made specifically for such purposes. We use high-end fabrics with fun prints and a straightforward silhouette to help you feel comfortable at home this fall. Regardless of what you are doing, whether you are hosting at home, attending a zoom call, or dining out, the LIDIJA Weekend Collection offers functional pieces to wear every day.

The art of mix-and-match

This fall, women are wearing sleek pieces that mix well together yet look presentable in front of guests or at a virtual meeting. And that's how the Weekend Collection functions. With the three-piece suit from LIDIJA, you can mix the items with anything in your wardrobe. The reversible jacket, which comes in 3 warm prints, goes well with jeans bottoms, a simple Tee-shirt, and loafers or heals. The Maya wide-leg pants, made from soft fabric, offer ease of movement and elegance. You will love pairing them with the reversible jacket and layer with a silky blouse, never compromising comfort and style. Our clients buy the pants to wear at work, vacation, and even while lounging at home.

A boost of accessory

To boost your look, regardless of what you wear, accessorize! You can use a belt around the reversible jacket to accentuate your figure for a more formal look. If you are hosting at home, wear embellished flat heels with crystals as an example. And don't forget to ornate with your favourite jewellery such as pearls or chains. Belts, shoes, scarves, and jewellery with a classic feel and look will undoubtedly polish your look.

Level up with LIDIJA Weekend Collection

Our Weekend Collection has been the most notable and desirable with our clients. Designed with soft and stretchy material, it allows for versatility and comfort anytime and anywhere, never compromising comfort and style. Enjoy the season's warmth and coziness with your favourite print. 


  1. Naomi Reversible Jacket 4.  Shannon Top Red Print

  2. Naomi Reversible Jacket 5.  Shannon Top Black & White Print

  3. Naomi Reversible Jacket 6.  Shannon Top Peach Print


       7.  Maya Black Pants

       8.  Maya Black & White Print Pants

       9.  Maya Peach Print Pants