In Studio With LIDIJA - A Peak Into The Fall & Winter 2020 Collection


What prompted you to become a fashion designer?

I have enjoyed drawing since a very young age. Unexpectedly, when I was in grade four, I spent that whole summer drawing dresses. At that point, I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer. I enjoyed sketching new designs, and it was something I did all through my school years. It felt joyful and fulfilling to come up with a new idea for a dress.

What do you love the most about fashion design?

I enjoy the entire process, but as a designer, I find tremendous joy in the creative process of composing a new collection. It's such a smooth, enjoyable process that comes out naturally. Let me say that it is exhilarating when I see the samples. Just thinking about it now, I feel the excitement.

How do you stay up to date on the latest trends?

LIDIJA brand isn't about the latest trends, but instead on originality of designs and colours. I tried creating a trendy collection one season, and I ended up with a headache. I couldn't come up with a collection because it felt like my creativity was trapped in a box. After that try, I decided to do what works for my creative process, and I believe that's what makes the brand unique and appealing for my clients.


What inspires you when you create a new collection?

The inspiration for the last few collections sparked from songs. As I hear the song, I envision the entire collection playing out in my mind in a fashion show. After that, I look at the fabrics, and all it takes is one idea for a skirt, waistband, sleeve anything, I take that one idea into the entire collection.

What was going through your mind when designing the Fall/Winter collection for 2020?

Designing the 2020 collection came from listening to the song Unstoppable - I believe that's the song's name. I wanted the collection to reflect the current work-from-home and stay-at-home lifestyle for every woman. The pieces had to be comfortable and still emanates influence at the same time. We have printed suits, that you can also wear as separates, with flat shoes. They make a strong point as one but also when worn separately. The dresses are comfortable and formidable at the same time. For example, our Maria shawl is perfect for the season; it will wrap away all your worries :)

Looking at the situation, I created a versatile collection where you have pieces for every day, going out and working from home.

Where do you see fashion moving towards after the pandemic?

After the pandemic, I think we will be shopping more freely online. These are transitional times, and the way we are shopping is changing. I predict we will see AI technology in physical stores that combine boutique experience with a futuristic experience. The fashion industry has recently pioneered the adoption of many technological advancements, and without a doubt, we will continue to see new ideas coming from this sector.



"Giving up is not an option! Keep on moving beautiful!"  - LIDIJA