LIDIJA is a collection of beautifully-made, classic clothes that take a woman from day to dinner to a special event. This is a collection of unique designer pieces that keep in mind the changes of a woman's body and lifestyle. Made with Italian fabrics, the uniqueness of the collection is kept by not including buttons and only use invisible zippers. Giving the collection a clean classic look, and always reinventing different closures, such as the wrap waistband.

LIDIJA Weekend Collection is designed for the woman looking for effortless style, and loves to travel. These are dresses that are easy to take care of and pack light, perfect for a carry on. They are versatile, from a relaxing weekend to the Monday meeting to a night out with friends, and a weekend wedding. Always keeping in mind the comfort of our customer.
Both collections have a signature length, below the knees.

LIDIJA Art Collection, is designed with only art in mind for the woman looking to make a statement.

LIDIJA is designed and made in Canada