Five Clever Ideas To Celebrate Valentine's Day

February is the month of hearts, roses, and chocolate. In Ontario, not only do we celebrate romance in February, but we also celebrate family at the same time. Typically, my husband and I enjoy a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant on Valentine's Day. And for Family Day, we spend it with our children at the movies or  going to our favourite restaurant. Everything is closed, and instead, we will resort to finding original ways to celebrate love and family at home.

This is a challenging year, but we have some original ideas that work for Valentine's Day and Family Day at the same time. The challenge sparked our attention, and here are some of our favourite suggestions:

Indoor picnic

Unlike an outdoor picnic, we won't worry about rain, bugs or UV rays. With a cozy indoor set up by the fireplace, place a large blanket on the floor, open up a champagne bottle, and order dinner from your favourite local restaurant. For the ambiance, turn off the lights, light up some candles and turn the music on. Don't forget to wear a pretty sundress for that complete picnic experience. Take a look at our LIDIJA Spring Summer collection of dresses inspired by cheerful summer vibes.

1. Summer.                                                                   2. Leia

Candlelit dinner

This isn't the typical dining experience where you end up doing all the work in the kitchen. It's a GLAM playdate with the children where they become the hosts and chef while my husband and you act as restaurant guests in the formal dining room. We have picked this Dona dress from our collection, and savouring what's on their menu this Valentine's Day.

                                  3. Dona

Game on

We don't usually play board games because there isn't enough time to do it, even though it's a great way to spend quality time together. However, this is a good year to enjoy a family favourite game board that can go on for hours. What makes it even more fun is pairing the game with healthy snacks like nuts or a veggie platter and drinks like hot chocolate, coffee or tea. The Sophia dress is your gamer look allowing you to maneuver your way into victory. 

Romantic Karaoke

Dust off your Karaoke machine if you have one and warm up your vocal cords for a night filled with entertainment and cheerfulness. To add to the excitement, lookup the best love tunes in the past 50 years and add them to the playlist. Elevate your stage presence with Beba print top and pants. 

5. Beba

Make chocolate

Chocolate is a powerful source of antioxidants and health benefits. A good reason why you should plan a chocolate feast this Valentine's Day or Family Day. Get the family members to come up with a chocolate recipe to make at home and spend the day sampling their creative work, from hot chocolate infused with liquor, chocolate covered nuts or fruits, chocolate chip cookies, or my favourite, Molten chocolate cake. Treat yourself to comfort and practicality while working from home with Laura or Lydia top.


6. Laura.                                                    7. Lydia


Now let's turn the table around and ask you which of these ideas would you choose to carry out? Happy Valentine's and Family Day friends.